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Slingshot Automatic Wheel

Slignshot DiagramThe Cammegh Slingshot 2 is simply the best automatic roulette available in the world. Combining superb design with dependable, precise engineering the Slingshot launches the ball from the pocket by a puff of air, the ball is then met by random discharges of air from the discrete jets inset in the ball track.

The Slingshot utilises both the random rotor and ball speed at the launch of the ball combined with the Active Rotor Control (ARC) system which is Slingshot 2 layer of security.



  • Maintenance free for life bearing
  • Bi-directional launch
  • Ball in view at all times
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Optional push button launch
  • 3 in-rim sensors
  • Slingshot 2 controller
  • 6mm toughened glass cover
  • 24 liter air compressor
  • Floor standing mount
  • Open communications protocol for 3rd party integration