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P24 Slant Top

P4 Upright
  • Two high resolution 24″ widescreen monitors
  • Main monitor with integrated touch screen for greater interactivity
  • Overhead multimedia topper with 19″ monitor
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet
  • Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility
  • Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort
  • Convenient electronic key system access
  • Powered by the innovative Exciter II platform
P4 Upright
  • Bill acceptor (JCM/ Cash Code/ Money Controls/ MEl )
  • Ticket printer (TransAct Tech Inc./ Futurelogic)
  • EGT’s newest accessory line of toppers
  • Optional – OLEO keyboard



P4 Upright


P4 Upright

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