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Bespoke Wheels

Cammegh is able to offer their customer bespoke roulette wheels that will incorporate design themes and details in the casino environment to enhance the individuality of the atmosphere. Utilising Cammegh’s extensive design resources, the product is put into production after in depth consultation with the customer, to get an understanding of what the client wishes to create, and then putting into a production a unique, specially crafted roulette wheel suited to the customer’s requirements.

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Bespoke 1Mercury 360 Features

  • 4 totally discreet In-Rim sensors
  • For secure and rapid number recognition
  • Mercury 360 Game Engine
  • Customisable for the individual’s optimum security and gaming requirements
  • Cammegh Wheel Manager Application
  • Providing user-friendly time-stamped event log analysis, setup and support
  • Integrated precision electronic level sensor
  • For constant status monitoring
  • Option of Cammegh Bonus RNG
  • Multiple random number generation for additional side bet gaming
  • Cammegh B.O.B. Communications Hub
  • Featuring ethernet port and 3 serial ports for enhanced 3rd party communication,
    local area networking and remote analysis
  • Game event and clock log