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Cammegh’Billboard Display System is a high resolution LCD display system that integrates seamlessly with other Cammegh and 3rd party products to show game results, advertising and promotional material on the casino floor.
Powered by unobtrusive controller units running the Billboard 2 game engine, Billboard presents a single, powerful solution for all your table display needs. Active game feedback exists for many games and many more can be accommodated through the use of pay tables.
The Billboard Display System is designed with flexibility in mind. Graphics can be customised to match the décor of the casino and multiple games can be switched between via the on-screen user menu
• 24” portrait or landscape
• 32” portrait
• Single or double sided
• Coloured LED strips on the back of each screen
• Customisable finishes in bezels and poles
• Surveillance camera housing available
• 1920 x 1200 screen resolution
• Suitable for multiple table games
• Multiple languages and currencies
• User-friendly menu system to access all features

The Cammegh Billboard System complements any roulette table by displaying results, statsitics and promotional material in pin-sharp high definition. Game data can be obtained automatically from any Cammegh roulette wheel; it can also be read from a 3rd party wheel via the EyeBall system or input manually using the Td2 Keypad.
Cammegh Billboard Displays have always raised the bar with respect to the features and quality a roulette display should offer. Instead of restricting you to “skins” and presets, the Billboard Display System offers a blank canvas and a wealth of configurable elements with which to fill it. As each Billboard can hold up to 100 separate layouts, there is plenty of room for experimentation.
• 3D animation (featuring your chips and wheel)
• Animated statistics for all number groups
• Scheduled content via MediaPro
• Custom scrolling text messages
• Productivity indicator lights
• Roulette history stacks
• HD images and video
• Hot and Cool numbers
• Editable pay table
• Live TV feed Chip trees

The EyeBall reliably determines the game events and results from any international casino standard roulette wheel.
The EyeBall camera plugs directly into the Billboard controller to provide a video feed for the real-time image processing by the advanced EyeBall software. The Billboard then presents the various game states including ‘Place your Bets’, ‘No more Bets’ and the winning number ‘reveal’ on the display screen.
The Billboard Controller can export game data via Ethernet or serial port, fully emulating the Mercury 360 communication protocol and thus allowing integration with 3rd party products.
• Works with any casino standard roulette wheel
• Enables any Cammegh Billboard to output game data for 3rd party systems

The Billboard Display System makes Baccarat look stunning, whilst offering a wealth of features and customisations. Game data can be read directly from the Cammegh EyeCard and Angel Eye card shoe, or it can be manually entered using the Td2 Keypad.
As with all other games on the Billboard Display System, Baccarat can be completely customised to suit the play style and décor of the casino: Results can be displayed in a number of ways, including traditional Asian and Punto Banco formats. With up to 100 separate screen layouts available on a single Billboard, individual rooms or even high-rolling players can have their own unique display.
• Asian-style roads (with fully customisable sizes, positions, marker dots and colours)
• Smooth pin-sharp result animations
• 3D video sequences (featuring your chips and table)
• HD images and video
• Editable Pay Table
• Custom videos for result trends
• Live TV feed
• On-screen card display
• Scheduled content via MediaPro