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Diamond Life

Diamond LifeDiamond Life is a four level mystery progressive jackpot. Each of the Diamond Life jackpot levels – White, Green, Red and Blue can be won through the special Diamond Life bonus game which can be triggered randomly at the end of each of the base games.

When the Diamond life bonus is triggered, 12 boxes appear on the screen. In each of the boxes there is a diamond which can be white, green, red or blue whereas the colours of the stones correspond to the colours of the jackpot levels. During the bonus game, the player chooses which boxes to open. When he collects 3 diamonds with the same colour, the bonus game ends and the player wins the corresponding Diamond Life jackpot level.

The player may win any of the four jackpot levels without having to play the maximum bet. However, the higher the bet, the greater the chance to trigger the Diamond Life bonus and win the highest Blue jackpot level.

Diamond Life jackpot is available in a Diamond Life multi-game with 9 games. It is designed for players who enjoy the added value of mystery progressive jackpots on their favourite, well-known video slot games.

The bank of the Diamond Life gaming machines can be individually customized through a selection of maximum bet, denominations and progressive values in order to satisfy the specific requirements of players. The Diamond Life multi-games are presented in a thematically customized cabinet featuring a 24” widescreen main monitor and a 32” landscape top monitor.

Attractive 3D movies and eye-catching celebration animations are projected on the jackpot panel with a 55” central monitor and two 32” side monitors. The cheerful atmosphere draws the players’ attention, increases the entertainment and prolongs the play.

  • 24” widescreen main monitor with touch screen
  • Attractive and LED-illuminated top box featuring a 32” landscape monitor
  • Enhanced quality stereo sound system
  • Keyboard with dynamic OLED buttons
  • Overhead topper with a 19” monitor
  • Ambient, attractive LED illumination alongside the cabinet
  • Well-positioned mechanical counters for easy access and good visibility
  • Sophisticated ergonomic details assuring distinct players’ comfort
  • Convenient electronic key system access
  • Powered by the innovative platform
  • Bill acceptor (JCM, Cash Code, MEI )
  • Coin acceptor (Money Controls, Coin Mechanisms)
  • Hopper (Suzo)
  • Ticket printer (TransAct Tech Inc., FutureLogic)
  • EGT`s newest accessory line of toppers

Diamond Life Specifications