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Eclipse Server Based Gaming

Integrated Cash Management & Back Office System


Eclipse Gaming Systems and Custom Gaming Solutions present an integrated back office system for gaming operations. The system will benefit the operators by providing:

  • A better experience for the players, resulting in higher earnings for the operator.
  • Much lower cash needs on the floor of the casino. A Common vouchering system allows vouchers to go from machine to machine, irrespective of machine vendor, rather than from machine to the cage (for cash) and then to different vendor’s machine.
  • Operational savings by combining and streamlining certain cash management operations.

Eclipse Gaming’s Back Office System provides the following facilities:

  • Complete Ticket-In/Ticket-Out Cash Vouchering (TITO), across all vendors. A common ticket on the floor for the player to use in all games.
  • Centralized cash accounting; a single reporting system for cash across all vendors and games.
  • Centralized game accounting to allow the operator to quickly balance the floor and spot vendor accounting problems

Eclipse Gaming Systems Back Office Systems

Eclipse Back Office System

The Eclipse Back Office system provides centralized functionality with a very simple and inexpensive implementation for budget minded operators. The base system operates using standard SAS connections and Eclipse SMIBs to connect the Eclipse Back Office Server and the vendors’ games.

The system provides significant functionality and control over the game floor by requiring the installation of an Eclipse Slot Machine Interface Board (SMIB) in each game. The game communicates with the SMIB using an industry standard protocol, SAS 6.02. The SMIBs, in turn are networked using a high-speed Ethernet network to Eclipse game and back office servers. The enhanced back office system provides the following capabilities:

  • Floor wide TITO vouchering
  • Centralized cash accounting
  • Centralized game accounting
  • Control of the games via the SAS interface (enable/disable/shutdown)
  • Real time game activity reporting
  • Real time cash reporting
  • Real time event reporting
  • Reporting of the Game’s meters
  • Ability to add player tracking hardware at game and functionality at back office
  • POS with Eclipse Point of Sale Software

Summary of Back Office System Features

  • Floor Wide Ticketing System
  • Daily Summary of Game Play
  • Daily Summary of Cash Accounting
  • Game Control via SAS Commands
  • Real-Time Event Reporting
  • Real-Time Game Play Reporting
  • Real-Time Cash Reporting
  • Reporting of the Game’s Meter Values
  • Ability to Add Player Tracking in the future