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ICON Gaming Chips

Icon Gaming ChipsWith over 30 years of experience Icon Gaming Chips are one of the pioneers in the global casino market, being the first chip manufacturer to produce the multi coloured moulded chip in 1977. This innovation paved the way for many more advances to the gaming chip industry, which is why Icon is still one of the most successful and established manufacturer of casino chips in the world.

Custom Gaming is delighted to be able to offer its’ clients in both South Africa and the continent of Africa the wide range of excellent quality chips that are produced by Icon. The chips are manufactured utilising a patented process that produces a high quality, durable product with a permanent graphic image that will not wear thin or break apart. The chips made by Icon are built to last a lifetime, and are extremely competitively priced for a top quality casino gaming chip.

Included in the range of chips for sale, are roulette non value chips (wheel checks), security casino table chips, promotional chips for special events or poker tournaments and chips suitable for use in the home environment.

The anti- counterfeited chips offer a number of security options and to date have never being successfully counterfeited, thereby putting Icon chips in the desirable position of being one of the most secure gaming chips in the industry.

Custom Gaming and Icon are able to offer a full in-house design service to all its customers.

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