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Dal Negro Playing Cards

Dal-Negro-LogoThe Dal Negro Playing Card Company has been in existence since 1756, providing playing cards to the casino and gaming industry across the world. Having established a reputation for unquestionable quality and exacting standards, Dal Negro continues to be a major role player in the supply of plastic and paper playing cards to gaming establishment worldwide.

Having been in the playing card business for such an extraordinary time period, Dal Negro still introduces new technology to their manufacturing process in order to ensure their product remains competitive and of exceptional quality. Operating from their 16 000 sq mt warehouse, employing 57 employees and 32 sales representatives worldwide, Dal Negro can accommodate any playing card orders from the large to the smaller requests.

Dal Negro offers a range of generic playing cards which include standard card backs, or can incorporate the artwork and logo of the casino venue, as well as a large variety of colour choices.

Please contact Custom Gaming for price quotations and any further information required regarding the Dal Negro product range.

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