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Mercury Aurora

The Mercury 360 Aurora uses the brilliant design and technology of the Cammegh Mercury 360 wheel and generates more excitement with the use of LED lights and an acrylic centre piece.

The Aurora can be set to display the following configurations which allows for greater flexibility for casino operators to generate additional interest on the gaming floor :

The Solid Static Colour – can be used to accentuate the casino’s décor and corporate colours

The Changing Colour – the colour of the LED’s change when no more bets occur on the table

Randomly Changing Colours – this mode can be used to indicate a winning colour for side bets place on the roulette table

Configurable Random Colour Change – this can be used to denote a random mystery prize used to create excitement and interest to the classic game of roulette

A single fixed colour to compliment the décor of the casino floor or change colour when the ball is about to land.

Mercury Aurora



4 totally discreet In-Rim sensors
For secure and rapid number recognition

Mercury 360 Game Engine
Customisable for the individual’s optimum security and gaming requirements

Cammegh Wheel Manager Application
Providing user-friendly time-stamped event log analysis, setup and support

Integrated precision electronic level sensor
For constant status monitoring

Option of Cammegh Bonus RNG Multiple random number generation
For additional side bet gaming

Cammegh B.O.B. Communications Hub
Featuring ethernet port and 3 serial ports for enhanced 3rd party communications, local area net working and remote analysis

Mercury 2 compatibility
For seamless integration with approved 3rd party devices