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Eclipse Gaming Systems

Eclipse Server Based Gaming and EBT Terminals

Eclipse Gaming Systems and Custom Gaming Solutions are pleased to offer its line of certified Server Based gaming products and Electronic Bingo Terminals (EBT’s) to the South African and African casino markets.

Eclipse’s games and systems have been certified by BMM Test Labs in accordance with SANS 1718.

Eclipse strives to keeps the company’s product offerings current and fresh by offering game features that are desired by players and system features that enable to operator to tune the games play for their customer base.

Multi-Game Cabinets

Eclipse’s game operating system is designed so that game cabinets can be installed and configured with single or multiple game themes on a cabinet, selectable by the player. Also the games can be configured as single or multi-denominational, with the denomination selectable by the player. The recommendation to use Multi-Game configurations is very site-dependent. Generally we recommend single game configuration except in special cases, such as Keno Games, or special title grouping.

Modern Dual Monitor Cabinets

All Eclipse Gaming game cabinets feature 22” or 23” dual monitors. The bottom monitor includes a touch screen for player operation of the game, in addition to a traditional button panel.

The top monitor is used to display Jackpots and other game features and is also used for “attract mode” videos when the game is idle. By using two monitors Eclipse eliminates the need for any preprinted artwork when configuring game titles on machines.

Downloadable Games

Any change of game content on cabinets is accomplished by downloading software from the game server. No hardware, chips, or SD cards need to be changed. Game changes can be done remotely by Eclipse support staff completely “hands-off” in the location, subject to regulatory restrictions.

Game Content:

Eclipse currently has a library of about 60 game titles. As of early 2015 the following titles have been certified by BMM under SANS.

Barbarian’s HoardH
Big and BadH
Big MoneyP
Black Fin’s GhostHTP
Blazing WildsP
Classic Diamonds
Classic FruitsHT
Dance With The DevilHT
Dashing AcesHT WildsTW
Dollar BellsM
Dollar Bells Triple JackpotHT
Dragon’s KenoT
Family VacationT
Fishing For Bucks
Frost BiteH
Fruit Royale
Go Home HappyT
Hear No, See No, KenoT *
Highway HogsHTMP
Iced Out
Insider TradingHTMP
Jack Bots
Jackpot Justice – HeroH
Jackpot Justice – VillainH
Keno Classic
Keno Keno
Killer WhalesP
Lightning Strikes ThriceTW
Lightning Strikes TwiceP
Lightning Strikes Twice Triple JptTMP
Little AliensT
Little NinjasT
Lucky Penguins
Luna Fantasy
Magic Ball Keno
Mushroom Mania
Mushroom Mania Triple JackpotTM
Now Open
Professor KraniumTP
Ragin’ BullH
Reel Racin’P
Slot Chef
Some Like It HotHP
Sound The Alarm
Super Blazing WildsTW
Trailer CashTP
Triple Sevens Double Wilds
Volcano ShakedownHP
Wicked Mad HotH
Wild BucksT
Wild HotH
Wild PhoenixP
Wild Phoenix Triple JackpotHTMP

Key on game table:

H – “Hi Frequency” Jackpot Paytables Available
T – Triple Jackpot Games
M – Must-Go Features on 2nd & 3rd Jackpot Configurable
W – Wide Area Progressive Paytables
P – 2X and 4X Parlay Bets Configurable


Game Features

The following feature list applies to all of the games in the Eclipse library, unless otherwise noted:


For “reel” style games:

Penny ($0.01) denomination games with a $2 Max Bet
Two Cent ($0.02) denomination games with a $4 Max Bet
Nickel ($0.05) denomination games with a $6.25 Max Bet
Dime ($0.10) denomination games with a $12.50 Max Bet
Quarter ($0.25) denomination games with a $25.00 Max Bet
(* Max Bets can be reduced or increased on a machine by machine basis which will also change the base Jackpot payout. Jackpot payouts are also individually adjustable.)
For “keno” style games:

Quarter ($0.25) denomination games with a $5 Max Bet
Dollar ($1) denomination games with a $10 Max Bet
(* Max Bets can be reduced on a machine by machine basis which will also reduce Jackpot payouts.)
Progressive Jackpots

All games support 1-3 jackpots which may be offered to the players. Any and all of these jackpots can be configured to be “progressive”. Pools for Progressive Jackpots on the game floor can be combined in any combination desired to make the jackpots grow faster. Progressives can set on individual machines or combined in any desirable combination. Progressives from different games and denominations can be combined to make jackpots grow faster.

All Progressive Jackpots have “rollover” pools available so that when the jackpot is awarded, the rollover pool is used to start the next progressive pool at a higher level to maintain interest in the games.

Progressive pools can be configured to “progress” at a constant contribution rate or to automatically slow down the contribution rate as the pool size increases.

There are various different types of progressive available:

Regular Progressives

A Regular Progressive is one which requires that the player be playing at Max Bet to win. Contributions are made to the pool based on all play, but the pool of contributions to the progressive is only awarded to a player who is playing at Max Bet and hits the designated game win.

Must Go Progressives

Some of the games in Eclipse’s library have Regular Progressives with “Must-Go” features. The Must-Go feature is a feature which lowers the odds to win a progressive based on the current size of the progressive pool. So, as the pool grows in size it becomes easier to win at the same time. This is usually indicated on the progressive meters on the game screen with some visual indication to help lead the player.

Mystery Progressives

Eclipse will have available, certified by BMM, mystery progressives for the entire reel game library. Mystery progressive are progressive prizes which all players are eligible to win and the higher you bet the higher your chances of winning. The “mystery” is that the jackpot is set to go at a specific level but that level is different for every jackpot – and that’s the mystery. No one knows exactly when it will be awarded.

This feature is currently being certified by BMM Test Labs and will be available in the next South Africa release.

Wide Area Progressives

All of Eclipse’s game progressives can be installed as Wide Area Progressives. Additional servers and networking facilities are required to use this feature.

Other Selectable Optional Game Features
There are a variety of features available on some of the games. Please refer to the Game Library above and note the footnotes T, H, W, M & P for Triple Jackpot, High Frequency Math available, Wide Area Progressive only title, Must Go Feature configurable, & Parlay Bet configurable.
Triple Jackpot

As the name implies, the game has three different jackpots available. Any and all of these can be made to be progressive.

High Frequency Math

Games with High Frequency “HF” Math available feature an alternative pay table, typically geared at smaller locations with a local clientele. These HF tables feature smaller jackpots BUT they are awarded 6-8 times more frequently than the more traditional casino jackpots

Parlay Bets

This game selectable feature on some of the games in Eclipse’s library all the operator to offer Parlay bets on certain game wins. The Parlay Bet is either a 2x or 4x bet, player selectable, on the winnings of the game that just finished. So, for example, if a player wins $25 on a game he might be offered a Parlay bet, which allows him to take an even-money chance to double or quadruple his winnings, a number of times, up to a predetermined limit. The Parlay Bet parameters allow Eclipse to configure these for the operator within a specific range of winning outcomes for each game and denomination that is enrolled.

Parlay bets enable the higher roller to increase the volatility of the game, at his option.

Bonus and Raffle Features

Eclipse games have an optional Bonus feature which allows playable bonuses to be pushed to the games based on a predetermined schedule to the players who accumulate the most-game play in a predetermined time.

The games can also be configured to generate Raffle/Promo Tickets based on a number of parameters so that the longer someone plays the higher the chance they have of getting a raffle ticket. These raffle tickets can be used for any kind of promotion that the operator wants to use to help drive traffic.

Currency & Credit Handling

International currencies are also handled by Eclipse with a simple parameter change at installation of the game software.

All Eclipse games operate with Ticket In/Ticket Out functionality to allow players to move from game to game without having to visit a cashier for cash.

Eclipse also supports Restricted Credits so that the operator may give out non-cashable free-play vouchers which can be inserted in any machine for play. Restricted Credits are played before Cashable Credits and may be transferred from game to game just like cash, in enabled by the site operator

Eclipse games support AFT and Legacy Bonus.

Back Office Communication

Eclipse games are capable of communication with a variety of standard back office system including: Eclipse, Bally, IGT (Advantage & EZ-Pay), DRGT, Konami, Oasis, M3, TableTrac, and many others using industry standard communications protocols including SAS, S2S and GAP. We support most bonusing and funds transfer options.

Management of Electronic Bingo Devices

Eclipse Gaming Systems Game Server provides complete management of all the EBT games which are connected via Ethernet LAN to the Server. The Game Server provides all of the Bingo functionality required and is fully SABS compliant.


The Back Office Server which is part of the Eclipse Server System provides comprehensive reporting for Eclipse, the Operator and the casino, if needed. These reports include:

  • Detailed Game Reporting – reports are prepared which show the play from each game cabinet in sufficient detail to show play of each title and each denomination on each game cabinet. These reports can be done for any period and are automatically produced and distributed by email for each accounting period.
  • Cash Reporting – all cash that is put through the system is reported. A System wide Cash Summary report will show all cash received, whether at the game or POS terminals, and all cash disbursed. In addition there are Cash Drawer reports to show the cash received and disbursed by each cashier with access to the POS system.
  • Automatic report generation and distribution – all reports in the system can be set up to be produced and generated automatically and then distributed by email, as needed.