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Vega Vision Slant Top

P4 Upright
  • Outstanding cabinet design
  • A set of ergonomic features for enhanced player comfort
  • Chrome-plated metal surface elegantly combined with plastics
  • Eye-catching LED illumination attracts attention
  • Exclusive stereo sound
  • Two high resolution 19″ LCD-TFT monitors
  • Integrated IntelliTouch touch screen for greater interactivity
  • Easy and quick access to all major components
  • Separate door to access the bill acceptor
  • Visible mechanical counters for enhanced access
  • Convenient electronic key sistem access
  • Electronic accounting and statistics
  • Multiple security system
  • Multilevel access
  • Signal lights
  • Error diagnosis
P4 Upright
  • Bill acceptor (JCM, Cash Code, Money Controls, MEI )
  • Coin acceptor (Money Controls)
  • Hopper (Suzo)
  • Ticket printer (TransAct Tech Inc., FutureLogic)
  • Optional – EGT’s newest accessory line of toppers(Available themes – 40 Lines, 50 Lines, 100 Lines, Free Games, Multi Game, Stacked Wilds)
P4 Upright


P4 Upright

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